to the Havas Montréal art gallery

This year, we wanted to put a special smile on your face. So no punny Santa jokes and no spectacular stunts, just a simple wish, joyful and authentic. It would have taken the average adult several days of work to create the art featured here, but children can draw the world in just a few hours. That’s why we invited the children of Havas Montréal to draw, colour and glue to their heart’s delight! In this virtual gallery, you’ll see the artworks they created, as well as a video of our little artists at work.

Havas Montréal wishes you a magical holiday season!

Havas Montréal would like to thank the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art for sharing such an inspired creative workshop. Our thanks, as well, to our talented artists, Sandrine and Julien Moïse, Léo and Clémentine B. Croteau, Norah Roth, Edmond and Arthur Mailhiot, Axelle and Renaud Vanderveken, Liam Kahner, Julien and Raphaëlle Turcotte, Luka and Lola Aulagnon, Jane and Rachel Hauspy, Cédric Lamoureux and Ariane Pelletier.